How to Hire an Acting Coach

Chances are you need a professional acting coach if you are serious about your acting career and want to take your acting to the next level. Both in the classroom and through private coaching, Michael Caruana, an experienced expert has helped guide and direct countless actors to where they want to be in the industry.

Choosing an acting coach

Michael Caruana is passionate about acting. As an acting coach he believes teaching students how to find and hone their voice in every performance (auditioning or on-set) is key to being a great actor. Having the freedom to explore your artistic ability and range to play specific characters in a safe non-judgmental environment allows you to grow and expand your breadth and depth.  Every actor that works with Michael will learn everything it takes to take their acting to the next level.

How Can An Acting Coach Help Your Acting Career?

An acting coach has mastered the craft of acting and auditioning. Michael will cover the important aspects of the auditioning process and what to say when interacting in the interview process.

It is imperative to learn how to be comfortable in front of an audience and it takes time and effort to achieve this. Practice and coaching with Michael will enable you to find this comfort level and nurture your unique talents as an actor.

Hiring an acting coach may not guarantee that you will get the job every time, it will take your abilities to the next level. Michael will help you achieve the skills to be understood and give solid performances. Projection and enunciation are important when it comes to acting. An actor that can’t be heard or understood can’t get their point across.

How Can You Benefit By Hiring An Acting Coach?

You can’t rely on the script in all situations, an acting coach will help you to improve your memory to help with your lines. Michael can give you tips and strategies to learn your lines quickly and effectively so you can provide the best performance you can.

Imagination is the soul of acting and an acting coach should be able to bring this forward so you can shine. Most adults lose their child-like imagination as they get older. Michael will help actors find that imagination to improve your acting skills.

Working with the others (including directors, casting, other actors, crew) is another important skill an acting coach can provide. The bigger the job means the more people you will be working with.

Following directions when working with an acting coach is good practice for any actor. If you can’t follow direction you will never get the part. Michael is there to aid you in succeeding. The purpose of an acting coach is to provide you with all the tools you need to get to that next level you want to achieve.

With the Help of an Acting Coach

Working with an acting coach is important because you need a second eye, practice and encouragement.

Developing the acting craft and cultivating the right skills are what make a great actor and it can’t be done alone. There is a vast about of knowledge and action needed to to develop yourself emotionally, physically and artistically.

Expanding your knowledge to create great characters

– reading good literature helps cultivate the imagination and inspire great character to play, bringing more layers and depth to your acting

– go to the theatre and see as many movies as you can!

– go to galleries and museums and study the great art, become familiar with different styles, learn the history of the time periods and the artists. this will be a great asset with preparing for a variety of parts you will play

– music and dance are important for enriching your imagination and development. Being a well-rounded and versatile actor means opening your mind to classical to jazz music… ballet and modern dance

– talk to your acting coach about all of the above to enrich and enhance your work

Find Out How An Acting Coach Can Improve Your Skills

An acting coach can direct you in the development of your physical demeanour. Being well-coordinated, strong and graceful are not only pleasing but demanded of in this industry. No matter your size or build, posture and the way you carry yourself are the pillars of a good actor. Your acting coach will critique this with you and point you in the right direction to develop this. Going to the gym, yoga, dance class, gymnastics, voice class– these are all important for your body as an acting instrument. An acting coach will instruct you on what needs to be done to fine-tune and maintain your instrument to be the best you can be.

Be sure to start observing all that is around you. Notice people, and how they talk, what they say, mannerisms, emotions, and attitudes. No matter where you are, this is an important practice for character inspiration. An acting coach can help improve your observing and focusing skills.

These skills should be applied to yourself as well. Be aware of how you are feeling and how you express it. You can do this by noticing how you get angry. What triggered it? How do you show it? This kind of observing can help you in your acting and character roles.

An acting coach will challenge you in different ways and show you how to become aware of your surroundings. Exploring and staying curious about your surrounding is important. One exercise to try is taking the subway and observe the people around you. Pay attention to the details. What did the woman say to the man next to her? What do you notice about her physical being? Tired looking? Energetic and excited? What is she wearing? A suit? a sweatshirt and ratty jeans? do her eyes convey sadness or fear? If the man has no teeth, how does he talk? Hold himself when listening? Later, at home or with your acting coach, explore these people as characters by recreating them. How closely did you observe?

Another exercise to try is while on a break from work,  pay attention to your own behaviour. When you get home, try to recall how you acted and what you felt. This allows you to sharpen your senses too. Observe how you feel walking in the rain or on a hot day. What sensations to do you feel in the moment? Doing both of these exercises daily will enable you to see the interesting connections between real life and acting. It will give you more choices you weren’t even aware of to create amazing characters.

As an actor, you need to be curious about your surroundings. Everything becomes interesting because it is a part of life! And your job is to recreate it! Find out more by working with the right acting coach!


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