In constant demand as an acting coach both on set and privately, Michael Caruana gets high praise from casting directors, agents, producers and actors alike!
“An actor, child or adult, is never more glorious than when they are deeply and freely involved in play and I am always thrilled and honored to have helped facilitate that.” Michael Caruana

Your Teacher and Coach

Michael Caruana coaches and supports working professional actors, as well as beginners of all ages. He coaches established stars on major Hollywood film sets for acting and for dialects, and trains and supports actors privately and in classes and workshops in his bongo productions studio. Michael has worked with Phillip Seymour Hoffman, John Hurt, Minnie Driver, Harvey Keitel, Rachel MacAdams, David Cronenberg, Neil Whitely, Raven Dauda, Kyra Sedgwick, Sherily Fenn and most recently, Elizabeth Moss and many more.

Michael Caruana created bongo productions in 1996. In the last two decades bongo productions has become one of Toronto’s most highly regarded acting studios. Michael Caruana coaches actors of all ages, and has helped launch and support countless actors’ careers. By sharing his expertise, passion, dedication and love for the craft of acting and generosity of spirit, Michael guides the actor through a course of challenging and invigorating training. Michael endows the actor with practical, tactical and ‘doable how-to’s’ to establish a sound and unshakeable foundation. With rigor and care he offers actors on-camera acting and preparation techniques and demystifies the audition process while developing and supporting essential acting skills,

In addition to his private coaching, classes and workshops, he has been a faculty member of Humber College Institute of Technology and Applied Learning’s Acting for Film and Television Program since 2002.


Michael’s Focus

Michael’s focus in on the actor as a unique individual and their needs, with caring openness and without judgment. He provides an honest assessment and proceeds at the actor’s pace to discovering their unique talents and cultivate a rich and thriving acting career. He approaches the work analytically and intuitively to develop the actor’s skills for exceptional results in auditions and performances.

Michael’s Philosophy

There is no one way. However, when an actor is encouraged and challenged to honor their high calling, risk emotionally, face fears and obstacles, to prepare rigorously– by that I mean research, including character study, script analysis, do their homework in advance, then, when its time to perform, that actor is free to ‘play’. Our work as actors is always play.

Michael provides a tailor-made program for every student he works with and provides a creative atmosphere that not only inspires but challenges students to be the best they can be. This kind of training will expand your range in character and emotion. He uses proven techniques that will give you the know-how to understand script analysis, auditioning, and working on-set.