What industry leaders and students are saying about Michael’s training.

John James from Humber College, Acting for Film and Television, Toronto Actor, says:

“Michael is not only someone that’s an instructor, but he is also someone you may call as a mutual friend, who talks with you 1-1 and teaches from various personal experiences that will allow you to hone in on what you really need to feel connected with your scene partner and the text.”

Alex Stone from Humber College, Acting for Film and Television, Toronto Actor, says:

“An extremely down to earth actor who shares his vast experience to help make you the best you can be. Micheal doesn’t just teach you, he works with you. I had an amazing time with him at Humber.”

Riley Ekman from Humber College, Acting for Film and Television, Toronto Actor, says:

“I had the pleasure to have Michael as a teacher through Humber College. I learned a lot about my craft along with a ton of very valuable information about the industry I was beginning to dive into. His knowledge and personal experience with acting as well as his ability to deliver said information has given me and continues to allow me to grow as an actor. Highly recommend for anyone looking to have a career in film and television.”

Amanda Rose, Toronto Actor, says:

“Michael is a gifted instructor; he’s compassionate and so much fun to work with. He gives you room to play an explore and then gives the most brilliant suggestions to add dynamic to the scene and offer character insight and choices. I felt comfortable and at ease to practice my craft and grow as an artist. A true treat for Toronto Actors to get to train with Michael!!”

Ashton James from Humber College, Acting for Film and Television, Toronto Actor, says:

“Michaels Great, Easy to work with. Builds on what you’ve brought/Have instead of just shaping the character how he would personally work it. Very experienced at what he does, very knowledgeable!! His industry knowledge and many connections also make for great learning/networking opportunities. Highly recommend ! 🙌🏾”

Carlo Essagian, Toronto Actor/Director/Writer, says:

“When I first came to Ontario and started getting auditions I sought out Michael Caruana who came highly recommended for his intuitive sensibility and encouraging approach. Wherever you are in your acting career Michael will help raise it up a notch.”

Farid Yazdani from Humber College, Acting for Film and Television, Toronto Actor and Producer, says:

” Michael is a wonderful teacher who utilizes his training and contacts to the fullest. His method of learning by experience has been a great utility to the “actors tool box.” My confidence level increased thanks to the feedback and experience given by Michael. I credit most of my recent success to the experience and familiarity I obtained in Michael’s class. Simply put Michael provided the shoes for the race that is the actors life.”

Masha Mezenina from Humber College, Acting for Film and Television, Toronto Actor, says:

“I studied with Michael Caruana for 4 months and he is an incredible teacher! The connections he has to the industry, the professionalism he carries, and the passion he has for teaching makes his classes amazing! Not only does he help you become a better actor, but he also teaches you how to think on your feet. 12/10 would recommend!!!”

Josh Welsh from Humber College, Acting for Film and Television, Toronto Actor, says:

“I first met Michael when I took the Acting for Film and Television program at Humber College in 2015. Michael was a fantastic professor, teacher and mentor. And he still is! Since graduating, I still go to Michael to attend either his classes or ask for his help in coaching and self-tapes. His experience in the industry is phenomenal and he brings in contacts and colleagues he has worked with to reinforce what we have learned – and with some new techniques as well. I highly recommend Michael! I’m so thankful to have met him and consider him a friend.”

Candice Gilliam, says:

“In working with Michael, it’s quite obvious from your very first lesson that he knows what he’s talking about and can help you develop and explore your acting talent. I didn’t know what I was capable of until my coaching sessions with Michael. He has a way of helping you see beyond just the words on the page. His passion for acting and love of teaching make him a joy to work with. If you’re a theatre actor looking for someone that understands the struggle of transitioning into film and television acting, Michael is your man! Thanks Michael!”

Candice Gilliam, says:

“I started working with Michael 5 years ago at the age of 10. Every session is tons of fun and I learn a lot. I come to Michael for help with monologues, auditions, and self tapes. Michael makes me feel very comfortable when I’m around him. He’s helped me to excel in theatre and in television. He always pulls the best out of me. I highly recommend Michael because all of his acting techniques are very useful and I will remember them for my whole acting career. Thank you Michael!”

Rachel Peters, says:

“If you need good acting coaching in Toronto, or even just want to grow and explore yourself creatively, check out Michael Caruana’s classes.”

Shari Quallenberg from AMI, says:

“I always feel confident that my clients are better prepared after taking Michael’s workshops. His interpretation of scripts and dialogue is a true asset.”

Youssef Abdelmalek, of Ymaphoto Commercial Portrait and Headshot Photography, says:

“I’ve been attending Michael’s class for quite a while now and am connected to his students. It really is amazing to see how much passion he has for teaching and coaching his actors!! Michael is a true artist who teaches from his heart and his biggest reward is seeing his students perform and progress. In my estimation students starts to observe noticeable progress when working with him in a fairly short period of time. His background as a college teacher sets him apart and puts him in a position of authority that certainly is a great asset to his students. I really could sit here and type all day, but to keep it short I cannot recommend Michael’s class enough!!! He is the best at what he does. Often I am asked by actors who I recommend for coaching and workshops. My answer is always, Call Michael. He’s the guy. He’s highly respected in this industry and I trust him. Professional, generous, wise and talented. He’s the guy.”

Bryce Seto, Toronto Actor, says:

Michael is a fantastic acting coach. Patient and firm, he’s exactly what you want in a coach. I was a new actor when I started with Michael, and through is certificate program I developed the skills to book my first acting role in a feature film less than a month after his program. I would recommend Michael to any new actors or vets who want to sharpen up their toolkit.

Ray Mantella, Toronto Actor, says:

I have been using Michael as an acting coach for a few years now. Each time I go I am amazed at what I learn and what he can bring out in me. He is kind, patient and his classes are fun. Thanks Michael!

Stacey Bernstein, Toronto Actor, says:

I signed up for Michael Caruana’s certificate program in August 2015 and over the course of one year of coaching which included me working on monologues, scenes and audition techniques, I was able to create a solid demo reel with which I could use to promote myself and solicit agent representation. I started working with Michael with the full intention to jump into the acting world full time and I knew that having been on the other side of the camera for most of my career, I needed to hone whatever raw skills I brought to my craft. Michael helped me shape characters and offered suggestions and tips that I use to this day. I am also sure that while I know my demo had to attest to my ability, his longstanding reputation in the industry and being able to use his name as I shopped for representation, certainly opened doors and gave me added credibility. I would encourage anyone who is intent on strengthening their performance skills, to work with Michael. It is important as artists to build our community and in addition to working and collaborating with an upstanding guy like him, you will also meet other actors / students in the course of your studies which is integral to building your network. I am happy to say that as of today’s current date, I have wonderful representation and that in the last 18 months, I have booked roles on 3 different true crime reenactment series, a Netflix Original family series, a couple of commercials, two made for TV rom-com films and I just learned that I booked a supporting role in a sci-fi film that I will be shooting in Europe in April. I am not yet a union artist but I am gaining traction and have been auditioning for lots of union productions. The most important thing is that I am sowing the seeds of intent. Learning never stops. Our tools need to be honed continuously. This is not an easy industry by a long shot. You have to do the work, be prepared, be on time, be a pro and if you really want to be in the game—you have to invest in yourself. Working with Michael provided me with a great launch and I have no hesitation in recommending him. Good luck!.”

Lina Berrada, Toronto Actor, says:

“When I first went to a workshop with Michael, it was by total coincidence: I saw an event on Facebook for the On-Camera Audition Workshops the night before and decided to try it out. After the first day, I decided to enroll for the whole certificate program, which was one of the best decisions I made. Michael is a good teacher. He’s a good critic and knows exactly what to say to make your work better. Even when we think it’s good, and all the classmates agree, he will find a way to improve yourself on camera. As for me, I’ve never acted in front of a camera before. This experience, and mostly his coaching gave me the self-confidence I needed. I also learnt a lot from his way to analyze every scene, questioning it, to be able to perform it. Going to the workshops are also fun, as he is welcoming and friendly. I would say that overall, my experience with Bongo Productions is great. I met people, I learnt a lot, and developed my skills.

Erin S, Toronto Actor, says:

Working with Michael has been such a wonderful experience. Classes are always filled with fun and focused energy. Michael has really helped me understand, sharpen and develop my acting skills, in 1-on-1 and group sessions. Michael creates a very comfortable and professional environment that leaves you with many quality scenes, that are perfect for a demo reel! Would recommend classes with Michael to any and every actor whose ready to push their skills to the next level!!.”

Katarina Lopez, Toronto Actor, says:

I highly recommend training with Michael whether you are just starting out, wanting to prepare for an audition or are just looking to sharpen up your skills. My experiences with Michael have always been positive. I first came to him when I was starting out with barely any experience and he helped me build my confidence and improve my skills as an actor. From helping me with getting my first agent, to helping me prepare for a high school dramatic arts program audition, he has always been able to provide excellent coaching.

Nella Fortunato, Toronto Actor, says:

Such a wonderful and positive experience! I had the best time learning from Michael and all my fellow students were very welcoming. We would break down each every detail in our scenes and wouldn’t stop filming or working on it until we got it right. Finally have a high quality reel I can be proud of.

Julia Callahan, says:

I have been participating in Michael’s private coaching classes as well as his weekend workshops for several years now, since I was 7 years old. Michael is a very enthusiastic, patient and talented acting coach who makes acting fun and turns acting class into an unforgettable experience. His approach is professional and he always encourages me to strive to be my best. His constructive criticism is always delivered in a kind and lighted-hearted manner. His mentorship has definitely boosted my self-confidence not only in acting but also in life. Michael’s expert advice and guidance also helped me to sign with a well-known acting agent in the city. I still often get coached by Michael but now most of the time it’s when I’m preparing for an audition for a commercial, movie or TV show. Michael’s expertise continues to be invaluable. Thank you Michael!

Sabina Moore, Toronto Actor, says:

Michael is the best acting coach I know. Following my two kids extraordinary acting training with Michael i now also enjoy learning from him. Michael will give you the confidence to face any audition and deliver successfully on any set. I have known Michael for 15 years and have great respect for his ability to teach and, recognizing his students individual needs and abilities.

Aris Khadadyan, Toronto Actor, says:

I’ve been a student of Michael’s before at Humber. I decided to go to him for more coaching and to keep the acting skills sharpened after a small hiatus in the acting field, due to personal reasons. What I found most helpful from the various sessions we had together; 1-on-1 and as a class; was the confidence I regained in front of the camera. I’d definitely recommend Michael for any actor just starting out or getting back into the swing of things, as you will probably have a great time interacting with other students from a variety of ages and learn good fundamentals about studying a scene, monologue or commercial script. Even if you’ve been doing it for a while now, It’s good to get a refresher from time to time and to keep acting. Always easy to get in contact with and/ or ask a question. Also helpful, is that you will get videos of yourself on camera from your sessions for personal use or demo reel footage. Thanks Michael!

Christina Banquier, Toronto Actor, says:

Michael is an amazing coach. He has taught me so much about acting on film, helped me create a demo reel and find an agent – which led to my first TV part! He is fun to work with and very professional. I would recommend him to anyone starting out or trying to master a difficult script.

Michelle Faustino, Toronto Actor, says:

Angelina has been with Michael for 3 years now, without a doubt she is still growing and constantly learning with his guidance. He is kind and professional and most important to any parent reading this…..Totally trust him with Angelina in private classes! You guys know how important that is for a parent! Top professional!

Sargon, Toronto Actor, says:

Working with Michael Caruana is always an incredible experience. His knowledge, guidance and approach as an acting coach is second to none. He has taught me how to be more confident in myself and I have learned some of the best techniques from him to use while on set. Michael is an understanding, patient and very friendly individual who has a gift as an acting coach and mentor. I recommend Michael to anyone looking to start out as an actor or brush up on their skills!

Alex Ghazarian, Toronto Actor, says:

Bongo Productions is truly a great experience and learning process. My love for the business has only grown since starting my journey with Michael, who puts in the effort to truly enhance my abilities as a young actor. I definitely recommend Bongo Productions to those seeking to branch out or improve on their skills as an existing or aspiring actor.

Kelly Mullan, mother of actor Eve, says:

“My daughter Eve, age 9, has studied with Michael over the last year. He is the kindest man with decades of professional experiences brought to his coaching. I have deep respect for Michael as he works with the utmost care, consideration and profound insight. Through working with Bongo Productions Eve now has a casting agent, not to mention that she has developed a respect for the dedication that the art of acting requires. I highly recommend Michael as a coach- for all age groups!!”

Norbert Abrams from the NOBEL, CAPLAN, ABRAMS TALENT AGENCY, says:

“Michael is a warm, respectful and considerate practitioner with a uniquely keen sense of translating a performer’s growth opportunities into sensible and realistic strategies. michael commits the performers to hands-on applications which has resulted in tangible and measurable positive results.”

Neil Whitely, Toronto Actor, says:

“When my actor friends ask me to recommend a good coach, Michael Caruana is the first name that comes to mind. Michael was the first acting coach that I chose to work with when I decided to pursue an acting career at a relatively late stage of my life. at first I didn’t understand many of the principles he was trying to teach me but now years later i am still using the techniques I learned thanks to Michael. In the past five years I have been fortunate enough to appear in feature films, episodic television and commercials. I owe much of that to Michael Caruana.”

Kim Everest founder of POWERHOUSE CASTING, said:

“Michael has a lot of talent and a lot of juice. I consider michael a top acting coach in the city!”

Raven Dauda, toronto actor, says:

“I have been to many classes and workshops, however, yours remains to be one of the most enjoyable and beneficial for me. your feedback was precise and yet it left tons of room for the actor to make the connections themselves. you reminded me of fundamental techniques that I now use in my work today, and will continue to use in my work tomorrow.”

Allison Dawn Doiron, says:

“Michael connected me with my agent, Lisa DeMeo at ETM. I auditioned my butt off right from the get-go… And of course you were a fantastic help Michael. I am so much more confident with my auditioning now!”

Elitsa Bako, toronto actor, says:

“I’ve worked very closely with Michael, and wouldn’t be lying if I said he is the dream teacher! he is comforting and encouraging, yet very forward with his observations! He finds a unique way to shine a light on the missing pieces of the puzzle and with the right directions, allows you to put it together on your own. Kind, compassionate and exact in his teachings, he truly helps the artist rise within!”

Tracey Jarvis, said:

“I met Michael through a recommendation. He was summarized to me as a reliable and professional acting coach who could help my children learn strong fundamentals. All of us quickly learned that Michael’s talents went beyond simply coaching his craft – perhaps most importantly, his ability to connect and relate with students. Michael has that unique ability to engage with people in a manner that inspires confidence and encourages people to withdraw their very best from their skills. accordingly, I would recommend Michael without hesitation to any parent or individual who has a passion for developing their love of acting.”

Anna Donato, mother of Emmy nominated teen actor Mark Donato, says:

“Michael is a loving inspiration and wonderful coach. He has all the necessary qualities; kindness, patience and knowledge. He is the best there is.”

Aiden Bushey, says:

“I started working with Michael 5 years ago at the age of 10. Every session is tons of fun and I learn a lot. I come to Michael for help with monologues, auditions, and self tapes. Michael makes me feel very comfortable when I’m around him. He’s helped me to excel in theatre and in television. He always pulls the best out of me. I highly recommend Michael because all of his acting techniques are very useful and I will remember them for my whole acting career. Thank you Michael!”

Helen J, said:

“Michael has been working with my teenage daughter on the certificate program this past year. The diversity of the learning included and Michael’s experience has really brought out confidence in her that I hadn’t seen before. I would highly recommend this well rounded program to anyone thinking of getting into acting, trying it out or needs to perfect their current skills.”

Elora Cook, says:

” What can I say… Besides being an amazingly talented actor, Michael was born to teach! His patience, guidance and skill in bringing out my ability to connect to the role, has helped me immensely this past year. I feel so comfortable and confident when I’m in Michael’s class. I would never have made it to the U.K. with out his help… Thank you Michael!”

Jerrit Boyce, says:

“The day after arriving in Toronto from Lethbridge, Alberta (and having had no prior acting experience), I began working with Michael. Within a month, I landed an agent and, shortly thereafter, was featured in a Pepsi commercial and got a principal role on the TV series, Flashpoint. Michael’s incredible teaching skills kick-started my career at the speed of light. I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you Michael!”

Nicki Lloyd, Mother of Josh Pattynama, says:

“After a few years of community theatre classes and performing arts camps, Josh was ready to take his acting to the next level. Having done some research on the industry, Michael came highly recommended. By completing the On Camera Certificate Program, I can undoubtedly say that this is the best acting coaching that Josh has ever received. Through the program, Josh has really grasped the nuances between performing in theatre and on camera. Through the study of a range of monologues and two-part scene studies, he has learned how to effectively break down a scene and really get into character. Michael has really prepared Josh well for auditions…”

Ramandeep Oberoi, Toronto Actor, said:

“Besides being a returning student of Michael’s (originally at Humber College), I have always appreciated and admired his techniques and his patience with actors. The guidelines provided may look simple but they take you into a zone where possibilities are endless. Michael gives you the option and the opportunity to explore your possibilities with his techniques. He is amazing. I am definitely going back for more workshops.”

Nichole Underhay, says:

“It’s a joy to be around people with such insight, vitality, and love for what they do.”

Josh Kimmel, Toronto Actor based in L.A., said:

“Since [Michael’s] workshop, I did a co-star role on E.R. and a spot on West Wing. I still remember several tips that [he] taught me.”

Melissa Jane Shaw, Toronto Actor, said:

“I’ve just come out of 4 years of theatre school and film acting is a whole new ball game. [Michael] gave me great practical and insightful tips.”

Dean Hagopian, Professional Actor for over 20 years, said:

“I’d do the workshop again anytime. I got a lot out of [Michael’s] direction.”

Carly Cohen, Toronto Actor, says:

“An inspiring weekend of intensive training.”

Tom Knight, Toronto Actor, says:

“I found the workshop to be extremely helpful – the focus on practical application of the concept was particularly useful. Michael’s style lends itself so beautifully to creating an optimal learning environment – one in which you are challenged to take risks and you do so knowing you are surrounded by support and encouragement. Without taking those risks how would we ever know what we might be capable of achieving? I have already recommended his class to other people pursuing a career in acting or who are out auditioning.”

Young Actors have great things to say about the courses too!

“Personally I think this class was great. It’s taught me a lot of things in the acting business, like the repetition game. Michael was very nice and I want to come back.”
– Joseph Marese

“I think this place rocks because it’s for a good cost, and because you are a great teacher. You rock!”
– Kelsi Aryn Mascola, age 10

“I really enjoyed this workshop. I learned a lot of helpful hints which I will be able to bring into my acting. I am looking forward to coming again! Thank you.”
– Tori Martin, age 15

“I liked this workshop because I like to act and it was very fun and now I can do on camera work.”
– Rebecca Fernandez, age 10

“This is my sixth time doing this workshop and I can say that I learn something new every time. I had fun. I learned a lot. I think this is a good thing what you are doing to help people.”
– Kristan Nair, age 15

“I thought all of it was amazing and the teachers were great! Next time I will definitely come back!”
– Blair Stutz, age 9

“I think that this weekend was amazing. You were very helpful and great to share the weekend with. The on-camera stuff was especially helpful to me.”
– Megan Emerson, age 15