The goal at the bongo productions studio is to provide actors with the skills and confidence needed to perform in any situation with outstanding results. “/span>
As an actor, no matter what comes your way in this industry, you will be more prepared and co
11889679_1119607878049449_5043350576787903161_nnfident to successfully handle it when you train with Michael.

“An actor, child or adult, is never more glorious than when they are deeply and freely involved in play and I am always thrilled and honored to have helped facilitate that.” Michael Caruana

Our Focus

With caring openness and without judgement, Michael’s focus is on the actor as a unique individual and their needs. He provides an honest assessment and proceeds at the actor’s pace to discovering their unique talents and to cultivate a rich and thriving acting career. He approaches the work analytically and intuitively to develop the actor’s skills for exceptional results in auditions and performances.

Our Philosophy

There is no one way. However, when an actor is encouraged and challenged to honor their high calling, risk emotionally, face fears and obstacles, to prepare rigorously–  by that I mean research, including character study, script analysis, do the homework in advance, then, when its time to perform, the actor is free to ‘play.’ Our work as actors is always play.

Michael provides a tailor-made program for every student he works with and provides a creative atmosphere that not only inspires but challenges students to be the best they can be. This kind of training will expand your range in character and emotion. He uses proven techniques that will give you the know-how to understand script analysis, auditioning, and working on-set.

Expert Coaching Since 1996!

Since the creation of bongo productions in 1996, Michael Caruana has offered expert knowledge and training in Toronto to both beginners and professionals of all ages.

Bringing over 30 years of experience as a successful working actor in both theatre and Canadian and US film and television, Michael has provided both master acting and dialogue coaching techniques to countless students at bongo productions and on-set for TV and Film.

In addition to his private coaching, classes and workshops, he has been a faculty member of Humber College Institute of technology and Applied Learning’s Acting for Film and Television Program since 2002.

For the very best training, students who work with Michael flourish in the competitive industry of film and television. This is due to the fact that when you train with Michael, its all about YOU. Custom training with an expert who cares about your success and is with you every step of the way!

bongo productions is located just steps from Runnymede Subway Station.

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