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Michael Caruana created the bongo productions studio to help actors of all ages, beginners and working professionals, to develop the skills they need to thrive in the world of acting and auditioning for film, television and commercials.

Are you serious about becoming a professional actor and having a successful career? Do you want to take your acting to the next level? If so, bongo productions studio’s private coaching, scene-study classes and audition workshops will help you do it! Focusing on your talents and strengths, Michael’s coaching will bring out the best of your abilities and help make the craft your own.

Great actor and director Constantin Stanislavsky writes in ‘The Real Source of Life’ about the necessity of being truly yourself in your work.

Never lose yourself on the stage. Always act in your own person, as an artist.  The moment you lose yourself on the stage marks the departure from truly living your part and the beginning of exaggerated false acting. Therefore, no matter how much you act, how many parts you take, you should never allow yourself any exception to the rule of using your own feelings. To break that rule is the equivalent of killing the person you are portraying, because you deprive him of a palpitating, living, human soul, which is the real source of life for a part.”

What Our Studio Offers

Our Program

Our acting coaching program was created to train you in an atmosphere that is challenging, stimulating and enriching, so as to inspire you to constantly explore new areas of your acting talent as a confident, skilled professional.

Our Program focuses on developing your acting skills through analysis – fully understanding the story you’re telling, the character you’re portraying and their circumstances. We then guide and support you with highly specialized, process-oriented methodology, encouraging you to risk and explore, using your own feelings to play with the authenticity and spontaneity of a deeper connection to each character.

Private Coaching

Private coaching is an exciting and distinctly focused way to study because it is all about YOU! DISCOVERING YOUR VOICE AND USING YOURSELF IN THE WORK! The focus is on developing YOUR talent, working with YOUR specific needs and expanding YOUR skills in every session. Following  a careful evaluation, a strategy is custom-made for YOU. Michael sticks with YOU every step of the journey as YOUR skills and confidence begin to soar.

 Audition Workshops

Our audition workshops offer valuable knowledge, tools and techniques for actors wanting to compete and escalate their careers to the next level.

Our workshops address common problems that hold actors back, offering students actual, realistic and valuable strategies to address these hurdles and land new roles. Workshops are offered throughout the year for kids, teens and adults.

Workshop Overview: Sure-fire preparation techniques – The Given Circumstances, The Guideposts, Script Analysis – The Journey of the scene, Memorization Tips, Detailed On-Camera Work, Meisner’s Exercises, Relaxation – Dealing with Nerves, Cold Reading Skills, Who’s Who in our Industry and On Set – What to Wear, Slating – Enthusiasm: The will to play, and Nailing the part!

Our On-Camera Audition Workshop for film, tv series and commercials are group workshops intended for actors all ages and appropriate for all experience levels. Michael Caruana offers direction, demonstration and technique to help actors succeed in the audition room. With experience on both sides of the camera, in industry, as a successful professional actor, coaching and casting, Michael’s approach includes detailed and proven, process oriented preparation strategies and techniques. Students work on real world commercial, film and television scripts. All work is taped with supportive direction, playback and critique.

  • Kids On-Camera  (8-12yrs)  
  • Teens On-Camera  (13-17 yrs) 
  • Successful Auditions for Adults 


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