“I am very lucky to train with Michael at bongo productions.  Michael has taught me the importance of perseverance and dedication, and has helped me recognize my true potential.  He knows how to bring on a good challenge but does so in a fun and supportive way.  He has also taught me to believe in myself.  I have grown so much under Michael’s guidance and teaching.   And through him, I have discovered a true love of acting!  Thank you Michael!”



“Training with Michael at bongo productions is such a great experience! It is always intense, but also so much fun. I have learned so much and I feel light years ahead of where I was when I started. Thank you, Michael!”




Michael’s private coaching allowed me to fine tune my acting skills. I developed in-depth characters and saw my work come alive with in-studio scene recording. Actors with previous training and those starting in the industry can benefit from this highly qualified coach and mentor.”



“I am so thankful to do classes and my reel with Michael. Michael’s knowledge about the industry guides me toward a fulfilling and creative path. Michael sees every student as an individual: he makes sure to find me material tailored to my unique personality! Through Michael’s mentoring, I am able to develop and showcase work which helps me standout and succeed!”



“I highly recommend Michael as a coach for anyone serious about an acting career. A well-respected actor himself, he is able to help students analyze text and find the raw emotional truth of each scene. He creates a nurturing, safe space for his students which allows them to feel comfortable to experiment and grow as an actor. As a result, they are more confident and ready for auditions and for work on set. Many thanks, Michael!”




“Starting up lessons with Michael was the best way to jump back into a training program. His feedback was always insightful and easy to understand, he pushed me to challenge myself every lesson, and his hours are extremely flexible. Michael provides a comfortable environment to take great risks in and truly explore.”




“As a beginner in the acting industry, I am so fortunate to have a coach as supportive and motivating as Michael. He guides me, builds up my confidence and helps me to hone my craft. He pushes me to be better and it’s always a pleasure working with him.”




“Michael has been a true mentor and his support and teaching have empowered me. His passion to see me grow personally as an artist is evident and he is a true professional from start to end. I am glad to call him teacher and friend. Michael challenges and encourages you to be your best and drives you to succeed.”



TV & Radio Personality, TV Host, Reporter, Voice Talent, Actor, Aqualilly (Professional Synchronized Swimmer)
“Michael is truly a great teacher. His knowledge of the art of acting in addition to his kindness and compassion creates a positive environment to make self-discovery and hone skills as a performer. During our training I learned a variety of techniques on how to deeply read a script, to capture an audience and to explore and use own my emotions. Michael’s approach to script analysis, on-camera and audition training plus scene work has given me the tools to tackle every job as a pro.”




“Michael is an integral reason that I am now on a focused artistic path as a performer. As a late bloomer to this industry, I enrolled in his Certificate Program (with agent referral) on the advice of a friend and Michael’s insight, direction and sensitivity combined with the fact that he’s such a great guy, gave me the foundation to create a demo reel of our work together and a package that attracted the kind of agent attention for which I could have only dreamed.  In addition to fulfilling my initial goals, a very important part of this picture is that I also had so much fun in the process.”


Julian Rubino

“I had the great privilege of working with Michael Caruana in his auditioning class, which was a useful revelation in screen acting. His class not only helped me to grow in the craft of acting but also as a person. His methods and insight will help you to find yourself in your work, which ultimately enriches your performance with truth. Michael is an incredibly inspiring teacher with a wonderful personality. I owe a great deal to his classes.”


Carol Anne De Carlo

 “It was such an amazing experience for me. I learned so much and had a ton of fun! I never felt silly or uncomfortable. Michael was always kind and very encouraging.”




Jerrit Boyce

“The day after arriving in Toronto from Lethbriddge. Alberta (and having no prior acting experience), I began working with Michael. Within a month, I landed an agent and shortly thereafter, was featured in a Pepsi commercial and got a principle role on a TV series, ‘Flashpoint’. Michael’s incredible teaching skills kick-started my career at the speed of light. I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you Michael!”

“What can I say… Besides being an amazingly talented actor, Michael was born to teach! His patience, guidance and skills in bringing out my ability to connect to the role, has helped me immensely this past year. I feel so comfortable and confident when I’m in Michael’s class. I would never have made it to the UK without his help… Thank you Michael!”
-Elora Cook (2014)



“Emily loves her sessions with Michael. She has grown in confidence since working with Michael and has grown into a wonderful actress. Michael is a talented, dedicated professional who guides you through your journey in this competitive industry. His Certificate Program has been a blessing and Emily will certainly continue to work with Michael as she develops in the business. She just finished filming her first feature film where she played the daughter of American actor Lois Mandylor from ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’. She just completed the ‘Spring Breakaway Interstitials’ airing on Family channel and next up is a lead role in the short film ‘Damien’. Emily has recently signed with Shari Quallenberg from AMI and is looking forward to a busy career! Thank you, Michael!”

– Emily’s mom


“I have attended Michael’s classes and although I have taken several different classes and workshops that were wonderfully helpful, Michael’s, I feel, were the most pivotal to my beginning to get bookings. Great classes! Great Instructor! Thanks again Michael”

–David Boyce

“I started going to Michael three years ago, and my feelings are nothing short of fantastic. Michael’s coaching and directing are always right on. Michael has helped me to find a great agent and land parts in feature films and commercials. I always look forward to my sessions. Michael, coach and friend thank you!”

–Rob Paluzzi

Dear Michael, I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed the work we did together. I can not imagine a better person to have started my acting training with. Your professionalism and passion for your work was evident from the moment we met.. You are truly a gifted teacher who has the ability to set a person at ease while at the same time guiding them through the principles and practices of the craft. After each session I was always amazed at how much I had learned and developed in just one hour! Although hard work, I looked forward to each session. As my career unfolds I look forward to coming back to Bongo Productions time and again.”

–Wendy Glazier

“The techniques that Michael teaches allow you to reach the inner connection that is crucial to portray the essence of the character. He possesses the honesty, expertise and patience which provides you the avenue to explore your strengths and perfect your craft.
Michael shares his desire to help you excel, while giving you the tools which ensure you breathe life into your work. Thank You, Michael!”

–Melissa Cline

“Michael is an incredibly inspiring and supportive acting coach! His professionalism and knowledge combined with his coaching skills are outstanding. I have learned so much working with Michael. He takes special care to work on your individual needs/concerns regarding craft and technique. Thank you Michael!”

— Ryna Schickler

“Just wanted to let you know I got the part you were helping me get ready for – the quirky,funny woman… the audition was Saturday – went really well…. and the director called this evening to say I got it … he said I was the woman!! thanks so much for helping me once again prepare, commit and gain the confidence to go in and seize the role!!”

–Kelly Marie Murtha