Is this your time to shine? Let’s play and work together. I’m working with actors virtually and with fully vaccinated actors at my bongo productions studio, masked until we go on camera, with all of the COVID precautions in place.

A questionnaire will be sent out to individuals before entry.

It’s getting busy out there with lot’s shooting and I am now seeing vaccinated students, in-person, at my studio!

Please let us know if you’d like to resume or initiate private coaching, scene study sessions, self-tape auditions or audition workshops.
Upcoming audition workshops will now also be scheduled in-person.

The pursuit never ends! Lets work online! This is a valuable moment for you to start something new or stay inspired with something that you enjoy as we slowly start to merge back into the studio!

Enroll in group classes, such as Scene-Study, On-Camera Auditions, Monologues, Dialect Coaching and Career Consultations.


Receive Private Coaching, with Michael Caruana @ bongo productions!
PRIVATE COACHING – SKYPE/FACETIME/ZOOM/WHATSAPP – Any service to suit your needs, including monologues, scenes (Michael as your reader), dialects, self-tape auditions!

Why train with Michael?

Michael Caruana provides working actors and beginners with the skills and confidence needed to perform with outstanding results. Bringing over 30 years of experience as a successful working actor in the theatre and Canadian and U.S. film and television, Michael has provided acting, auditioning and dialect training to countless students at bongo productions studio and on TV and Film sets.

Students who work with Michael thrive in the competitive industry of film and television. For the very best training, when you train with Michael, its all about YOU. Custom training with an expert who cares about your success and is with you every step of the way!

Tailor-made training!

From Beginner to Advanced

No matter where you are in your career, we want you to be a confident, successful actor.  Our classes, workshops and private coaching are always tailor-made for you. Michael focuses on YOUR specific needs, the things that may be holding you back while nurturing your strengths and talents.

After a careful assessment, Michael will work with you to expand your skills as an actor. He will keep working with you until you are confident in your skills and abilities, you’re competing and booking those roles!

We are there for you every step of the way!

Michael will help you to discover YOUR voice as an actor, learn to audition successfully, and stay on track so that you can achieve your goal of working consistently in our industry.

Certificate Program

This comprehensive program gives you the tools to be successful and confident in the industry through private coaching sessions, semiprivate, on-camera scene-study, and advanced audition techniques. Michael custom tailors this detailed program for actors of all ages and gives you the techniques and guidance to jump start your career.

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